We are a warm , friendly group of people who share a common experience and who are determined to live as full a life as possible , whilst giving support whenever and wherever needed.

Membership of the Group

" Shall be open to anyone who has had a heart attack , heart surgery or any form of heart disease , their carers / partners or any one interested in giving support. "

Our History.

Heart 2 Heart Scunthorpe was launched in October 1998 by the British Heart Foundation and the Cardiac Rehabilitation Service to provide a support service for all heart patients , their carers and families across North Lincolnshire and the catchment area of the local N.H.S. and P.C.T. Trusts.

We are an open and democratic group with an eclectic mix of personalities , skills , experiences and with a determination to clearly demonstrate that an individual , following a heart attack , heart surgery or the onset of angina , can live a rich , full and enjoyable life . We also recognise the trauma experienced by the partner / family of the patient and therefore include support for them.

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Health Warning : Good Humour and Spontanious Frivolity prevelant at all times !