How does Heart 2 Heart operate.

From an original working party of 6 patients who developed the constitution , objectives and the format for activities , an annually elected committee of 12 people now meet one day a month to discuss any matters relating to or effecting the group and to formulate a programme of activities to be offered to the group for their approval. The choice is always determined by the majority within the membership and in fact many of the ideas for the activities are put forward by members of the group.

The minutes of the Committee meetings are issued to all members at the next main meeting in order that all members are fully informed of our activities and the committee members are always available to talk to any of the members.

Not all members take advantage of all of the activities, some only attend our monthly meeting whilst others only participate in the walks. Some members only participate for a few months before deciding that they have regained sufficient confidence to return to normal life. We, as a group, do not consider that to be negative but view it as a positive outcome.

The one thing we do not do is shout about our problems - but both patients and carers are assured of support when needed.

The groups main monthly meeting, admission to which is free , is held on the second Tuesday of every month from 7.00 to 9.00 p.m. at the :-

Alvingham Road Day Centre.

Alvingham Road.


North Lincolnshire.

DN16 2DP

(for map see contacts page)

Speakers at our monthly meetings have spoken on such diverse subjects as Antarctic Exploration, Local and Tropical Wildlife , Chocolate Tasting ( much appreciated ) and Local Charities along with periodical updates from the Cardiac Rehabilitation Nursing Team and Health Support Groups.



Health Warning : Good Humour and spontanious frivolity prevelant at all times !